How to Play

There are a number of ways to play The Halls of ZK, depending on whether you want to install the game on your own system or access it online (even through a browser).

Play Online

The Halls of ZK can be played online in a web browser by navigating here. Login as user ZK at the prompt.

Web browser access is provided using DCL in a box served by WASD VMS Web Services from Mark Daniel, running on an OpenVMS VAX V7.3 system called BENDER:: .

Alternatively, BENDER:: is connected to HECnet , a world wide DECnet Phase IV hobbyist network. If your node database is not up to date, then use the DECnet address 12.2 and log in as user ZK. You can look the node details up here .

Play Locally

Alternatively, if you would rather install ZK on your local VAX, Alpha or I64 OpenVMS system, the individual software packages can be downloaded below:

OpenVMS VAX Images
OpenVMS Alpha Images
OpenVMS I64 Images

Alternatively a zip file containing all parts of the kit is available here.

The complete source code can be downloaded from the Github project page here.

Although ZK is shipped as a VMSINSTAL kit, it can be extracted from the relevant, architecture specific savset and run without installing system-wide. To do this, execute the following commands: